Friday, February 16, 2007

Train time?

Perhaps it's time. I had thought to wait, a bit. I thought he'd make it to three before needing it, before we had to clear space, make time, build and scrounge and reorganize. But I think Ori needs a train table. It's clear that having something at his own height would help him, and maybe JAC can build him something useful this weekend. But even if he can't, even if we do end up having to buy him something, I think it's sensible to get some furniture that he can really relate to, and make his day better. He's really got just this incredible amount of energy, running laps (11 before dinner), needing to be held and tickled and wrastled and vigilantly attended to. SO - we start on soemthing this weekend, and hopefully before the end of winter he has something!

In other news...

Beca has passed her 2nd white belt test, so will be wearing double stripes for the next couple of months while she learns the next katas. Yay Beca!

I've reconnected with the writing group I joined last fall, and I'm VERY excited! We meet next on Thursday. Yay Andy!

Ori is getting a nasty cold, I can just tell. He's up again now, so off I run. 24/7 the job is never done.

Current mood: sensitively aware

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