Monday, September 01, 2008


I can't believe the entire month of August has sped by! We took one trip to Lake George, a good time, all in all, and otherwise we've spent every day here at home, going to the pool, running errands, library time, playgrounds. Seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that we were waiting at the airport for Loreena! Well, in addition to the week in Lake George, Theresa and I had a fabulous weekend in NYC. We spent ALL day Saturday (9am till 11pm) walking! We figured out of those 14 hrs. 12 were spent on our feet - and it was AWESOME! We had 1 hr. in a spa/pedicure place called Green Tea, very very nice. The 10 min. chair massage was the best part for ME, but I can see why people go for the pedicures. We ate Dim Sum in Chinatown, gelato in Little Italy, watched the waterfalls at night, lit eerily and spewing river water like an overgrown urban maw. Seeing Mark at dinner was very nice too, although in just a very few moments I was reacting to his little kitties. He did a nice thing, loaning us some guitar books for Beca (who starts Wednesday!).

And yup, here we are - 10:30 the night before school starts again! It's amazing to me. We saw Tea at the pool today - she's so sweet to B when L isn't around. Bleh. I wish she'd stop being so catty and schizophrenic about her friendships! It's confusing to B who has a pretty good grasp of it, but it's still a lot easier to be friendly with someone who is just overall a nice person. le sigh. ANYway, we've had a wonderful summer! We are all tanned and leaner than when it started. Poor Zami is not well, but we are otherwise in good shape. Jerry is walking much better, and is really quite useful around the place these days. Having a big girl help out is wonderful, too. She helped schlep the big tote box up to the attic, and move stuff up and down from the basement to set up the playroom in the LR, now that the basement is unlikely to ever get fixed up. Another sigh.

And Gustav has passed by with only a smidgen of the damage that was expected. Le PHEW! Kathy and crew are all back home, which is awesome, and Sweet Ole Nor'leans is pretty much left alone. Looks like more work on the levees will happen, and that'll make the other side of the canals safer.

I've gotten into Goji berries lately, they're a wonderful food! I like to snack on a few now and then. I like to bake with them. I may toss them into a smoothie for B in the AM. Lots of uses. :D

And so September rolls in. It's super nice out this week, till Hurricane Hannah blows our way late in the week. We start our new schedule, which is looking busy.

M - school, aikido
Tu - school, nursery school, aikido
Wed - school, nursery school, guitar
Thurs - school, newspaper, Girl Scouts
Fri - school, nursery school
Sun - Religious School, Curling (maybe).

This mixed in with other odds and ends of life, plus me getting a few hrs. off a few days a week (whoopeeee!), it's all a rather busy place to be. Happy, but busy.

Next: fix the basement, chimney, and start taking paper off the kitchen walls.

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