Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Schools in!

Ori's first week of school - he's done an awesome job of transitioning to 1) school 2) carpool 3) earlier bedtimes night before carpool (2 of the 3 days) and 4) being an all around amazing kid! He's supportive of Beca and her school experience, he's kind to the other children, he's a good sharer, is having fun, making friends (even knows someone's name in his class!), and is enjoying the class pet (still waiting to hear her name) - the guniea pig. In the next couple of months I'll sign him up for Gymnastics, but I will give him a few months to adjust to this schedule (and catch up with the gym crowd when the weather gets colder).

B is having a great start to the year. She is feeling very in the midst and amongst, as a 5th grader. She has Molly, the only 6th grade girl in her room, who is a friend, and Lorann, who is also a friend, though not as close a friend, and several nice 4th grade girls, as well as all the boy-ness in her class, which is boy heavy. She is looking forward to newspaper this year, and may have some more responsibility this year, since it's only 4th and 5th graders this year. We'll see... She's taking Hebrew/Religion on Sundays (9-1) and Guitar on Wed., as well as Aikido and an every-other-week schedule for Scouts. A busy kid!

I will have some pictures to post soon, hopefully. :D

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