Monday, November 05, 2007

What to say when it's all been said before...

I have been blog reading recently, people on Wwow, and other places I like to visit, uplift, share etc. I am constantly impressed that these mom's (mostly) have the time and clarity of thought to write such inspiring words! It's a wonderful thing to be able to read about someone's heart-crushing divorce, how they watched their partner (and his buddies) dismantle the home they shared for years, and somehow she will find the light coming through the clouds. It's so fabulous and warming to read about the daughter who was saved from toxic poisons (mostly through allopatric medical treatments like vaccines) and, though somewhat brain damaged, lives a whole and generously childish existence. Words of wisdom just escape me. I have none. I have moans about my period, and groans about teachers who give time outs. I have complaints about the mail system (where IS my ergo!?!) and ideas about what to do with a grumpy two year old. But mostly I just feel numb at the end of every day. I joined NaNoWriMo but I really haven't been able to write much more than my normal occasional spurt. It's too frustrating. Saturday is a meet up at Brugger's, and I want to go, and I do have 3 pages I can print and bring. I'm just not feeling very inspired. Blah. When it's all been said, the good, the bad, the inspirational, I feel like a bit of silence is perhaps golden.

Off to drink some beautiful moon time tea and meditate on the silence, I think. :D

I leave you with this image of youthful impishness.

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spryngtree said...

I don't know about your blog but you do always have such wise words to say that I'm surprised to find you feeling you don't. Your voice is unique and you have as much to say as anyone, but I also hear you. Sometimes I read fantastic stuff and it inspires me, sometimes it just makes me feel like I shouldn't bother trying to write my own when someone else has said it better than I would have.