Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am sometimes at such a loss, with JAC things are just rolling along great and then BAM! I've hit a wall. He and I can sometimes forget to talk to each other for days at a time (and actually the little stuff like Girl Scouts in the evening or a dentist appointment for him are not such an issue - it's the BIG stuff that tends to build up and then go kerplunk in a bit of a disaster), and then catch up is such a freaking bitch, it just feels like we've got chasms to leap and there's no other way across other than the leap of faith. And we've both been burned. Tonight I went to part I (of II) of a Non-Violent Communication workshop. The gals running it are fun and easy to listen to. The class was pretty packed, and it was terrific listening to people's comments. I got to ask a couple of key questions for me, and it was nice to have had time to listen and think before trying to problem solve the Beca/school project issue. People had some great ideas. Giving myself empathy was probably the most impactful suggestion made, for me. Amazing how infrequently I do this. Hopefully it will give me the power to look inward enough to not need her to deal with my own stuff, so I can deal with my own stuff and she can (maybe) deal with hers. ??? It's confusing, that's for SURE. I think in general I really need to focus on being responsible for my own feelings, and for giving other people information about me, rather than opinions/judgments. That, I think, is a good place to begin this part of the journey.

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