Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Party 07

Well WHAT A BLAST this year's Halloween party was! Loads of people, fun games, good booze, and Beca and JAC's homemade much better can it get? Aside from a ton of leftover food, which ok, that could be rectified next year with smaller size purchases and less in the way of snackies, I think it was just amazing. I was BODACIA, pirate of Delmar, and my husband, the wonderful Pirate JAC. Ori went as ori because he doesn't love his monkey costume, oh well, and Beca went as Princess Leia, until her headbanging coils fell out. again. HAHA! This is the only pic I have so far, from Tova and Daniel (awesome to meet him!).

It's the kids making a spider web (which Christopher tried to "land" in but that kid is HEAVY! He pulled a bunch of girls right over. I do admit that the circle was girl heavy, but they all had a blast doing it and Christopher got to be the center of attention - at least for a moment! All the kids loved the prizes and toys, such suckers! I think the best part was the trick or treating - 12 adults got brown paper bags with plastic bags inside. Half of them had tricks and half had treats. The tricks were pasta (cold and oily), olives, and jello. The treats were all manner of goodies (coin purses, mini-rubik's cubes, jack-o-lantern poppers, etc). The kids loved going from adult to adult trying out whether they had a trick or a treat, and I think the adults really enjoyed being able to do that, too! Deb and Chris were awesome magicians (top hats and all!) and Lynn and Dan came as Esmeralda and the hunchback! What a hoot!

I really enjoyed this party, once again, and am already looking forward to next year!

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