Thursday, October 18, 2007


Oh my, what a life it would be if we ran right out of choices??? My friend's giving her dd the choice, this morning, between the beach and the aquarium. WOW! I wish I had those choices today. But today our choice will be to walk to the po using the stroller (but not taking the dog) or to drive to the po and then go to the park. It sure would be nice to meet up w/Tova there, but I don't remember her phone #. Maybe it's still in my bag?

We need to do a food shop today, tomorrow is help with pizza day at B's school. Should really go to the coop and ask K or J if there is anything I can do for them this month - running out of time and I need about 8 hrs! I'm sure they'll have some choices for me. Otherwise? I sign up for bag straightening! lol!

Choices for dinner, choices for breakfast. Today I chose the beautiful ham steak and I'll make a lovely little spinach quiche to go with it, and the frozen flax waffles. For me. O gets a bagel and we'll share some cantaloupe. After he finally TRIED it yesterday, he ate a LOT of it! Funny boy.

choices about how we FEEL are so much harder for me. When I'm feeling frustrated, it's VERY hard to open the door on well-being and invite more in. MORE isn't what I need, ANY is what I need! I'm really enjoying the Scott Noelle emails (find them here) and also the Abraham daily quotes. Getting both feels like overkill some mornings, so I don't open whichever one doesn't call to me. Today, Scott Noelle led me here, though, and it really resonated with me. I think the thing that has helped the MOST in that respect, that find your happy place when you are feeling like kicking in the door place, is the little waterfall in the LR. I love the couch that is in front of it, I love the tinkle of the water, I love the curtains and the watery light that comes through to that space. I can feel peaceful in just a very short time, if I can get there, sit quietly, not be a human jungle gym or smell anything burning or know that the children are killing each other. In 4 or 5 minutes I come away a new woman! It's awesome. Nothing else works that fast for me, although kava has it's advantages. ;-)

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