Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Yesterday (Monday) Ori twice came to me and told me he had 'to go' and was wearing either a trainer or a diaper. WOW! SO impressed with the little smudge. Today? Peed in his pants. Granted we were out and about, and in the pet store, which is very distracting. But it is so wonderful that he is heading up and over the hump of diapers! I'm selling off what I have, and really am very happy about that. YAY!!!

The Bethlehem Families Coop has busted a big move this week. We are splitting off into 3 groups, one is transitory, the other two are evolved. Well, one is evolved, the other evolving. The new group will be made up of people from the old group and new families. The old group will be made up from only the old families who are ready to retire from the social commitments that necessitate bringing in new families. Hopefully all will go well, and new life will be breathed into the coop! YAY!

Sunday, while I was helping with and watching Birth, JAC took the kids over the the Fall Family Fun Day at the school. Ok, I'm all for fundraisers. I'm all for FUN fundraisers. And tbh, I'm not even against fish. Wondering where this is going? Well, Beca played some game so many times, she came home with NINE koi fish. So we are now the proud owners of a 10 gallon fish tank, 2 fake plants, a filter, a can of fish food, and a jar of dechlorinator. Total on Visa = $70. Watching them watch our very own fish? Priceless.

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