Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ketchup on my lifeburger, please

So like a burger, my life can be. Squished between layers of fattening bread, is the meat of me, and in between are the nutritious bits, the spicy onion, the fibrous lettuce, the juicy tomato. Never quite enough of those, but enough for a nibble and a taste. :D

Some catch up of photos, first.

Icicles by the house, March 2008

Deer Tracks Albany Pine Bush trails

Cara on her 5th brithday. She's our neighbor!

Purple carrot we used in our Carrot Flower soup. It was SO yummy!

MBOY - outgoing.

Ori's new Hoodie!

This is how my kids sleep on weekends...geesh!

Beca blowing her first egg - she's tried before, this is the first time it WORKED! She was so proud. We painted an even dozen, and they were well received by the easter bunny.

International Pillow Fight Day

What's he looking for on Easter morning?

Egg hunt

Last time as a yellow belt! Congrats on passing you Blue belt test, Beca

A viking worthy of the horns.

I am working on some relatively serious healing issues, journaling, supplements, and chiro regularly. I'd love to find an acupressurist/puncturist nearby, but not really sure we can afford the cost at the moment...we took a big tax hit this year. Bummer. Gone are the days o a nice fat refund check...until next year! :D

Zami is doing really well, his meds have evened out his legs tremendously, and no nipping of little hands attempting to remove an ear or elongate his tail. All good!

JAC spent a couple weeks traveling this month, which means one thing...SPRING! We found tiny shoots in the garden today (hopefully daffodil), and will continue on yard clean up (didn't really accomplish much today), hopefully the spring -> summer lawn care is easy - still getting up the leaves from the end of winter is the hardest part, because they are all soaked and sticky and oopy and hard to rake.

Ooooh, I found a neat little warehouse place near Railroad St. in Albany, it has a ton of local organic homemade handmade vendors on the weekends, including a wine maker, a bakery/cafe, teas - including one absolutely delish one I tried called chocolate chai and another that was a Japanese green tea with flower blossoms...omgus was it AMAZING. What a great find! I also picked up a small jar of SUPER hot chili powder (not sauce) for JAC - hopefully it's hot enough for him to want to go check out the others (they make about a dozen different kinds, this one is called Chilihead. Can you hear me laughing!?

To make a children's garden, or not to make a children's garden, this is the question. It's been YEARS of not having a garden in this house - the land is SO hard to till, the voles and moles rip everything to shreds, the deer eat everything worth eating... it's all kind of a nightmare! But maybe a tiny plot just for ori to put in some carrots and beca some tomatoes? Hmmm...

Well, there's more, including all the delicious vegetarian dinners I've been making (tonight is a Chili with cornbread baked on top from Everyday Vegan), as Beca is now an ovo-lacto-pisco-vegetarian. It's been amazing learning new dishes, has really broadened my use of spinach and beans a TON, and I'm enjoying her confidence and enjoyment in the vegetarian world... but it's time I got back to laundry and dinner. :D Because these good juicy bits, well there's never quite enough of them...

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Devon said...

Very cute pics!! That hoodie is AWESOME!