Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the Company of Vegetables

Well, it's happened. Rebecca, aged 9yrs. 9mos. (almost) has declared herself a vegetarian. I gotta say, it's not surprising - I actually only hope for her sake that she can STAY a vegetarian after the first bacon and pancake breakfast that JAC makes... that's likely to be the breaking point. She did eat chicken noodle soup the other day, too - though it was the craptastic Lipton stuff in an envelope, so the actual amount of chicken in there is so small it's hardly worth noting. Anyway, she'd been doing great so far! She ate a wonderful black bean soup I made today (as long as it's pureed, she'll eat pretty much anything lol!), and tried the hot egg salad (which was awful) too. She had totally veg. lunches M and Tu this week, and tomorrow and Thursday I have some good stuff planned. Dinner tomorrow will be fish, since she is willing to eat fish. Free range only, of course. :D

We've been doing a LOT of company visits recently - you know, there's this amazing thing about company. They invite us back. Interesting part, is although I don't like going, and sometimes flake (though I send the others), I do actually mind if we aren't re-invited. Not a lot, mind you, just a little chuffed off feeling. Well, in some cases it's taken 2 yrs. to get back together with some people, and in other cases, we were never invited back to their place. Not sure if we have bad breath (collectively?) or if there really are rude people out there. Anyway, we had Nieves and Dennis over with the kids as well as Mindy and Jason 2 weekends ago - a big vegetarian FEAST was made, enjoyed and devoured by all. This weekend we are having Tim and Megan over, that will be FUN and then the weekend after Michou and Ed and the kids. So it's busy, and fun, and I am enjoying making interesting new dishes. For sure the 2 best cookbooks I have are the Celebration of Wellness and Full of Beans (courtesy of Tasha :D ) which is sponsored (of course!) by the Ontario Coloured Bean Growers Association. Can you see me laughing!!!

In other news, we have our new iMac! It's really brilliant, and we've got a couple new games to go with it (I decided to get them because almost none of our old ones work on the new Intel processor Mac, so I got them when I returned iWork, after being told I'd be able to use the Office program I installed on the MacBook, but now I can't FIND the discs for that ... still looking), and the kids are totally digging it. We did get KidPix, and both of them like that. Not as wonderful as Ori's drawing today, which was very creative and fun! He said it's a picture of himself, and he has a head and neck, eyes and nose, body (with spine haha!), arms and legs. The legs are made from green painter's tape, and there are a couple of colors in the drawing too. I was VERY impressed! I will try to scan it into the new puter and get it on here - not that anyone ELSE will think he's a Picaso in the making!

Life is busy and good otherwise - all healthy and feeling like we can handle the world. Beca passed her Blue Belt test this week, and I started rewrites on the short story I hope to enter into a competition later this spring. I'm nearly finished with the hoodie I am making for Ori, and all in all it looks like a first attempt, but pretty and soft and maybe he'll wear it. :D

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