Saturday, June 30, 2007

I owe I owe...

Ok, I know it. I owe a LOT of posts here. Life got BUSY! Hot hot hot and busy busy busy!

In the next week, JAC leaves for Vancouver and passport renewal and job interview in Victoria. Hopefully he comes back on Friday! Beca leaves Sunday for CAMP! SLEEPAWAY camp (! It's scary, but she seems very ready for it. I think, if she can make a pal of 2 there, that she'll have a BLAST! If she doesn't, it's potential for disaster. So we'll see. Hopefully she gets a wonderful counselor!

Wednesday is the 4th of July, Russ will come back into town then and we'll (he, me and Ori) go to the fireworks downtown. FUN!

Yes, Russ Bonney is in town! Hard to believe, but it's great to see him. He seems to have mellowed a bit. I think Jan really spoiled him, and Donna helped him to see that. And he also had a run of crap luck at GE, so he's job searching. But honestly, he's one of THE most employable men I've ever met! So I don't think that'll be an issue. So he will go fishing sometime this week, and maybe Mary and Bob will help him out with a place to stay for a night or two later in the week.

Then we pick up Beca on Saturday, and Sunday we get Russ, and Monday it all starts again!!! Then it's one week till BLAST OFF!

We found out we CAN'T take Terry to the GOTV w/out an RV pass (which we COULD HAVE but DIDN'T purchase when we got our tix). So we'll have to make it from Regina/Winnipeg to HOME in 4 days, and then Friday or Sat. head over to GOTV. Not sure what's up w/Jackie and Mike as far as the tickets go...maybe we can't get in till Saturday??? Still to work all that out.

Beca's birthday was loooong, but FUN! We did a class celebration before the end of school which was fun - we got a cookie cake - same as for my birthday - and the kids really enjoyed that. Ori was a DOLL. Then her graduation - he gave her a rose in front of EVERYONE! I was SO impressed! He did great, and she looked stunning. Radiant. She makes me proud! Then her birthday party for the neighborhood kids - James and Merishka, Laura and Natalie. It was sweet. Liana came the next day with Jackie (SURPRISE!) and we met Sarah and Bridge at the chinese food place in Hanaford plaza, although Bridge (who bought a new house! YAY!!!) didn't stay, and then went to see Nancy Drew. It was FUN! Dropped off Sarah, had a sleepover. And Beca's Birthday was finally, truly over. PHEW! Actually, we had Bella over later that week - Thursday and Friday actually - so the party didn't truly end till THEN. My kid sure knows how to manifest a LOOOONG Birthday Celebration!

Ok, so now I'm pretty caught up and it's time for me to go WRITE. I have about an hour left of ME time. Russ and Jerry are watching the kids, and fiing Russ's Volks, and who knows what all else, and hopefully Beca is cleaning her room (the pit of no return!). I really do NOT want to look at it the way it is for a week w/out her being around to hollar at! HAHA!

No pics for the moment, but I'll try later to add some. Or maybe during the week...

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