Wednesday, June 06, 2007

1. What must you accomplish in this lifetime so that you will consider your life well lived?
Write one book that gets published by a professional outfit. Earn some money. Live well, be free to choose directions.

2. What are the top projects or goals you’d like to put in action through the coaching process?
Write write write write write. And look into jobs that pay. Eventually.

3. What’s in your way? Where are you stuck?
Time. Confidence. Time.

4. What two steps could you take right now that would make the biggest difference in your life?
Use time more wisely. Be more efficient. Reduce clutter.

5. If you could change the world (and you can) what needs in the world are you moved to meet?
Increase the # of people who have received and GET the LOA message.

6. What special skills, knowledge or experience do you have?
I understand LOA, I like to write, I think I can tag good writing when I see it - even my own.

7. What traits and skills do people acknowledge you for?
Manifestation, clarity, calmness.

8. What skills or knowledge would you like to acquire?
Strength, confidence, organization.

9. What are your top five values, or qualities of being, without which you wouldn't be you?
Spiritual, connected, happy, calm, positive.

10. When you are stuck, frustrated, discouraged, or in resistance, what do you usually do?
Breathe, listen to stories, try to be quiet.

11.If you trusted me and could tell me how to manage you most effectively, what tips would you give?
keep me in line, help me get organized, strengthen my skills to STAY where I love being - confident, organized, etc.

12. What don’t you want your me to know about you?
I'm not confident.

13. What’s missing in your life? Where do you want to stretch?
Self esteem. Income.

14. What role does spirituality or religion play in your life?
HUGE. HUUUUUGE! Everything for me is about being connected to Universal energy. Everything - you, me, the dog, the car, the house, the dirt, the worm in the dirt, the star shining down on the worm - we are ALL made from that energy.

15. Is there anything else?
Much, MUCH more.

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