Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interest and shopping

Ah - the interesting thing about my life right now is how quickly it changes. From having a school aged kid to having a school aged kid and a baby - and now he's a toddler! He's itching to get out of shopping carts, kicking the back of the seat in the van, and generally letting the world know he's THERE and wants to check it out. We've done a lot of shopping in the past few days, mostly because I kept forgetting what it was I needed (printer cartridge, d'oh!), so he's gotten to be expert at the 'cart fidgit'. Well, we finally did get the cartridge and hopefully won't need to shop much in the next few days. Today the fields were so soaking wet that Beca's softball was cancelled. We're going away this weekend, so we will miss 2 games - one sat. and one sun. On top of that, we're probably going to miss one more game June 7th, hopefully because Lisa and Lauren are coming! If they don't come, we'll be at the game. If they do come, we'll take a road trip to NYC and show them the stars - or at least times square at night.

JAC is away tonight. I have Lori and Finn and Evelyn coming in the morning, so time for me to pack it up and tidy and sleep. Ori has been sleeping like a CHAMPION these past few nights. Let's hope that keeps up!

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