Friday, May 05, 2006

A Life Reborin

Just some interesting things to do when time permits...

Now try this one: FYI - I was pretty good at US history, and I flunked!

Well thank goodness we've survived it, Ori's had Roseola. It's even less fun than the chicken pox! We are now enjoying SPRING weather! It's in the 70's and rains often at night. Makes for muddy trails, but VERY enjoyable backyard afternoons. Beca is painting now, some water color action, and Orin is exploring his backyard world. We've got the new climber out there, which he uses quite a bit, tho I haven't seen him use the slide (but reports from the neighbors are that he does use it, just slowly lol!), but he likes to go inside the little door and just hang out. (you can just barely see it - to the right of the big playgym and behind that tree...sorry, crappy shot) A real clubhouse kinda guy - does this mean he's going to turn his room into a CAVE???

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