Friday, June 16, 2006

End of School 2005-2006

Today is Beca's last day of school. She's had her dance recital (which went swimmingly - no broken legs hee hee), taken her standardized tests, and finished her workbooks. The paints and pencils have come home. She had a long year - full of ups and downs, lots of learning, and a few memorable moments. Her class play on the rainforest was terrific - she spoke clearly and loudly, and was one of the better speakers. She made her own costume from conception to paint. It wasn't the fanciest, but it sure was colorful! She was a Cock-of-the-Rock (not a chicken)! Her chorus efforts are rewarded today - she is part of a nice big group singing rainforest songs (think Jungle Book).

Ori has some new words, and new signs. He says night-night, car, bus, truck, dog, and ball (maybe some I'm forgetting?). Ok - not exactly Whitman yet, but he's getting there! He signs milk, ball, more, food, juice (a little bit), hot, cold, car, star, potty, and water (sort of). He's growing well, curious and adventuring all over the yard. He loves to eat, this kid! He eats his veggies better than his fruits. He is currently suffering from what I think is a high body pH, which means he isn't processing acidic foods well, and the acids remain in his excretia, burning his skin where they touch. He's always had fleece liners in his diapes, but the burns are bad, and it's very sore for him. I've taken him off the most acidic foods (meat, meat products, refined sugar) and we'll see how it goes. It doesn't change his diet all that much (for me), tho I know that JAC will not be happy. Poor little guy - we've got to get it cleared up soon though! He's screaming with every poop in the diape (you'd think this would be a perfect opportunity for him to get into using the potty, but when I ask if he wants to use it, he'll go find it, bring it to me, and then not want to sit on it at all. Just wants me to know he knows what it is. *roll eyes* ), and he wakes and cries about two or three times a night, too. We'll deal, and hopefully learn.

So as summer approaches, so does Beca's birthday! She is excited!!! This year we are having a crafting party - tie-dye, fabric painting, rainstick making etc. It's a nice bunch of girls coming, so I hope it is a success. We decided to do an evening event this year - 3:30 - 7:30. Dinner on the BBQ with some salads and snacks, cake/ice-cream, and drinks is easy enough for me. Daddy will be a big help with the bbq, and Jackie and Mike will be here with Max and Liana, so they can help a little too. I also asked Nesh if she would help, and I think she will. So that will give us 4 adults and 10 children, plus O and M. Should be INTERESTING!!!

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