Friday, January 20, 2006

Our Manling is ONE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet little boy. Our spotty boy on this day, he got the chicken pox yesterday. Poor little cub had a terrible night sleeping (and he wasn't the only one LOL!), and didn't nap well, either. But he's been a real trooper and when he scratches and I say "un unh" he shakes his head no and says "Un Unh". What a darling! Other baby tricks: he can high five, wave, and loves to hang upside down.

He's doing so well now - cruising, crawling, pooping on the potty (today for the first time he actually made his own way to the potty, sat down and pooped in it! What a thrill for me! :D I got very busy doing the diaper dance!!), being sweet, eating lots of new and different foods (newest favorites are lentils, mushrooms and BIRTHDAY CAKE!). Here he is pooping on the potty. He's wonderfully responsive to us, his sweet/ sly/ tricky/ loving/ longing looks tell us so much of what is going on in his mind. He tries to really figure things out - interest in the window is as much the things outside as the cool clear pane of glass, how it sits in the moulding, what it sounds like when you bang your fingers on it, how it feels against his cheek. Does it move? Even with a little help LOL! Well, he is certainly his own wonderful person, and we are LOVING having him in our world! :D

Beca had a great time celebrating with him for his big day. She carefully hid all his gifts around the house, and then - 10 hours later - had to remember where they all were! She made hima BIG banner that read Happy Birthday Orin! and helped to pick out decorations. Jacky Thorp bought him some mylar baloons w/helium in them, THANK YOU JACKY!, and I made him a yummy dairy/wheat free choc. chip cake w/chocolate frosting. Beca opened gifts for him, and made him beautiful homemade crayons from her own crayon stumps. They came out great and look like little mini cupcake crayons :D

So the end of his first year come to a close. He's busy snoring away upstairs (thanks to his daddy's sinuses), so I'd better start my knitting and hop to bed. YAY ORIN!!!!!!

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