Friday, January 06, 2006

New Years Eve 2005

The end of our first year all together.

New Years Eve Day we went into Albany for the Jingle Jog, which Beca WON! Well, they we're all Number One ha ha ha It was a great race, and Beca ran VERY well :)

The fireworks were GREAT this year. Beca enjoyed them so so much! Ori watched them from his Daddy's arms and was enchanted, enthralled! He would give a little puff of OH! when they would come shooting out of the cannons, then "vvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrooooooooBOOM" he'd say and like magic they'd explode in the dark night sky. Just wide eyed throughout. Everything was beautiful with the new fallen snow, everyone was super friendly, and we really enjoyed all the events and activities. We got carrolled to, made decorations, we listened and clapped and sang with Mark Rust who played fun and wonderful songs on his guitar, dulcimer, and other instruments, saw stilt walkers and the Disney plays put on by the high school drama club. We saw the Salos and Brendan and his brother and parents from Woodland Hill. EVERYONE enjoyed the day and evening tremendously. Not to be out done by last year, Beca stayed up for the ball drop at midnight. At 11:45 pm Ori woke for a midnight snack, and I brought him down so we all counted down together and had a BIG family hug on the couch. It is my most favorite New Years EVER!

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