Friday, January 06, 2006

January 2006

Growing Up and Breaking Out

Well, we kicked off the new year getting Jerry healthy after a nasty bout of pneumonia and then having Beca come down with the CHICKEN POX! Ugh. Now it's just a matter of days (or maybe weeks?) until we ssee how hard Orin will get hit. I tried to keep them apart today, but without much luck. Eventually I gave up and we had a drum-a-thon while Daddy came back from the store. I am only hoping that Jerry doesn't get them, as he never had any pox as a kid. His mom tried, so we can't blame sweet Dotty for it, but ... think good thoughts for him and us please...

And on other changes, Mr. Orin Clarence has moved from two to one nap a day!! He's still a bit cranky around 11, but will make it to one with a nice long restful nursing on the boppy. Then he'll snooze from 1-3ish and then make it until about 6pm, when the crankies start nipping at us again. Like his earlier bout, with a nice long nursing he makes it through until 8pm just fine.

Tonight we watched The Polar Express which both kids really loved. Orin was happy watching it for about 45 minutes. Then it was 8pm and like clockwork he needed his bed. *shrug* This child certainly is DIFFERENT from our first go-round!

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