Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Dead Friends

Oh my dear dead friends
for what has your life been spent?
What cause, what god, what reason does it justice?
Which children shall become the orphans,
which mothers shall lose their hearts, their souls?
Which doctors shall fail to save a wife, a daughter, a father?
Do live your life, just like yesterday, play and work and build
but do not expect to come home.
Say good bye like you mean it.
Love your child for the last time.
Kiss their sweet baby head and look into the most trusting eyes
god ever made
and say good bye
my dead friends.

Oh, what a start to today...a rainy day w/no tennis. Caroline and Eva are coming over to play today. Lisa and Bart are off to Tulsa tomorrow - give Lisa a little packing time.

My eyes won't stop tearing.

Beca is busy playing with baby toys (never mind the small fortune in big girl toys downstairs LOL) and such a racket! Such a mess! Well, today she gets away with it. I just am not into having bad vibes in the house today.

Tonight we drummed for peace, for mothers, for women, for violence to end. Tonight we drummed into the universe a vibration of love, of tolerance.

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