Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mid-Summer Fare

Oh my oh my - summer is just a-flying by! Cousin Sheri is here now, a 4,000 mile visit from such a sweet member of this family! Yeah! She and Beca and Jerry are off in Lake George today, and Ori and I are having a super-mellow stay at home day. Here is evidence:

He's a real sitting boy, but still a bit wobbly. He's not sleeping really well, but his naps are good; 1 2 hr. nap, and at least one, usually 2 one hour naps. He's starting in on solids very well. He LOVES tomato soup, sweet potatoes with breast milk, squash with applesauce, anything with peaches/blueberries. Except green beans. He'll eat them whole, but not pureed. And what am I supposed to do with the baggie full of frozen beansicles??? HA! Guess I'll have to come up with some real mama-creativity for that one :)

Our new backpack is working WONDERFULLY! It's very comfortable for me, and Orin isn't too small for it, like he was in that Tough Traveler. The Kelty fit better than the TT, but I think this one will fit Jerry better (at all!). And it's just got ALL the bells and whistles I could ever ask for. We're VERY pleased. May the hot tub be as wonderful (pleeeeeeeeease!).

Jerry is taking this week off, so we're packing a ton of 'stuff' in, and finishing off the week in Niagara Falls. Time to renew the ole work visa, and get a chance to show Rebecca some really great stuff! Hopefully we'll find a nice place to take some hikes, as well as the usual tourist stuff. More on that next blog, I hope!

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