Wednesday, July 06, 2005

On the road to sitting

Well I sat Ori up at tennis today and he didn't fall over! Well, for a few seconds, anyway... He's starting to sit on his own, but pillows are still part of the picture for a little while. :)

I wish this site had smilies for us.... one does get used to having them around ha ha!

Nice quiet day today. I finally caved and got Beca a kids sized tennis racquet. I figure she'll use it till she's 9 or so and by then Ori can use it. Poor kid - he'll never get anything new at this rate! I think I just wanted her to be able to use a full sized racquet so that she isn't hampered by NOT having a Jr. sized one on some future occasion; I can't really justify it when the thing costs all of $10 and comes with 2 balls!!! oh well...

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