Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Giving.

I am eternally grateful for my family, my incredible partner, my amazing children. I am grateful to our friend Zami, and all the other animal friends that have come and go. I am grateful for reasonably excellent health, for myself and so many of the people that I love. I am grateful there are clear streams and wild forests left. I am grateful for change, more so for the ++ than the negative, but it takes both kinds. I am grateful for the little things, like a working camera and enough money for christmas and chanukah gifts. I am grateful for a resilient economy, smart people helping me make hard decisions, and leadership when we really need it. I am grateful there are people doing it better than the USA, people to reach up to and admire. I am grateful for merciful death and joyful days of life, bright sunshine on hot sand and cool oceans, lakes and rivers. I am grateful for my own life, and for the time I have here to spend with people I really truly love.

So what's for dinner???

Well, I'm bringing some delectables...a veggie lasagna with tofu ricotta and home made spinach and tomato garlic sauce, plus a sweet potato stuffed squash (garahm marsala and pumpkin pie spiced), and coconut cream pumpkin pies. And cool whip, of course! Saraine will be bringing her green bean special, which is super nourishing. And I think there will also be bread, if Mary doesn't butter it. I think I may buy myself some corn bread stuffing to make down there, because tbh it's tough for me to think of Thanksgiving (capital T) without stuffing! I can totally do w/out the turkey, but no stuffing? Seems too harsh for moi. So I will likely do my own, though Mary has occasionally thought to make some outside the bird (but then she puts butter in it!). I'm a tough nut to cook for, that's for sure! And cranberry sauce is always nice, plus wine (always yummy!). And to me, folks, that is a MAJOR celebration of THANKS-GIVING! WOOT!

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Charlie Hills said...

Coconut cream pumpkin pies! I never thought to put those two together. Is that for real? Coconut cream pumpkin pies?