Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween Party 2008

Although somewhat out of sequence, I hadn't uploaded party pix before writing that bit about the election (which I am STILL in disbelief over, happy, but disbelieving!). So this will be out of chronological order, but hey - sue me!

Getting ready for the party:
- bowls of cool whip w/worms inside!
-getting the pile of hay ready!
-JAC at the BBQ making 'bat wings'

Hay hunt for kids, and adults!

It was loads of fun, everyone found something, some interesting stuff, some just fun! Over $10 was won in scratchies, I feel like it brings good luck to our household financially! Hey, a girl can hope, can't she!?

The kids also enjoyed some other activities, like a pumpkin pinata,

and a worm finding contest - gummy worms hidden in bowls of cool whip!

As well as a few things like a cluck hunt (quite a riot, actually), and a costume parade. The kids had a blast, the adults drank an astonishing amount of green punch - all in all a really fun party!

Gratuitous pics:

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