Thursday, July 03, 2008


Yet another entry lacking photos, but it's now or never! At 10:30pm, it's NOW!

We've had the pleasure of Loreena's company for the past 10 days - it's gone by so QUICKLY! We had some good times, some chill out pool days, amazing NYC days filled with sights, sounds, thunder and applause. Wicked was AMAZING, the girls really loved it. Seeing the waterfalls was great too! And you know what? I don't think I'd ever been on the Circle Line before! lol!

Yesterday we managed to get up to the Great Escape with Michou and Isa, which was a fun day as well - the weather was awesome, the girls spent most of their day at the water park, which had great slides and the kids enjoyed all the pools. Even Isa. ;-)

Tomorrow we pick up the girls from Catherine's party (which I am SURE will be a huge hit!), and hit the road for Montreal. Perhaps we can get a few tix or a good spot to see some Jazz, as it's Montreal Jazz Festival closing weekend. It's also the 400th birthday of Montreal! Big party weekend, is my guess. I hope our hotel rooms are fairly quiet...

Beca and Loreena had a great time together. Lots of cards and singing, hand slapping and sharing of all things tween. Lots of enjoying each other's company...and then it's over. All too quickly we are making our way North, back toward Trudeau Airport. What a great way for us to get back in touch with our Vancouver dreams, and with Loreena, a wonderful girl with a very big bright future.

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