Sunday, June 08, 2008

What I found.

What I found...

in Ori's bed this morning:
9 pr. of underwear (all his)
1 wooden car
1 pr of socks
4 stuffed toys
3 books
1 empty sippy cup
1 cd jewel case, no cd
1 damnit doll
1 jar of cream, lid on
1 bucket, empty
2 stamp pens, caps on
1 vhs cassette of the Muppets
1 non-working cell phone
1 little boy crammed in the corner.

at the pool:
2 pregnant ladies I know
1 family of 8 we love
1 lost 2yo boy
1 turquoise hair band that B thought was hers, but wasn't
1 bandaid floating in the pool
1 queen ant
1 mommy missing a 2yo boy
2 neighbors who were nice, and they usually aren't
1 other family po'd about the new pool pass system
1 very receptive aquatics director
1 other family with a crazy 3yo boy
2 friends from softball
3 friends from girl scouts
1 baby bird in it's nest (there may have been others, but only one was peeping when we saw it)

at the supermarket:
many hot families getting food early in the day (to spend the rest of the day in AC, is my guess)
2 drivers who think no one else is on the road today
1 man passionate about how many squirts his mochiato gets
many sympathetic people who like my kids.

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