Saturday, December 24, 2005

Solstice 2005

Winter Solstice: Dec. 21 2005
What a wonderful day and night!!!

We kindle this winter fire to bring us back around
to remember our ancestors who lived and died by this fire,
and found shelter in it's heat.
May the flame warm our hearts,
and the light remind us of the ever-returning sun

a woman lights a candle
sends off a prayer
she knows in her heart
that winter is ne'er

a man lights a candle
sends off a prayer
he knows the seasons change
of darkness not beware

A child lights a candle
sends off a prayer
winter gets shorter
let long nights be fair.

a baby lights a candle
sends off a prayer
close to family always
winter's not worth a care.

We exchanged our gifts for the year, which is always fun, and had a nice roast chicken dinner.
We soaked long and well in the hot tub. The kids went to sleep peacefully, Jerry and I snuggled on the couch. All in all a marvelous event for us :D

Here's Orin with his Radio Flyer Walker Wagon - shaky steps but becoming more sure every time! Certainly a boy who will walk at his own pace in life, we can see!

Here's the gang showing off their new woolens LOL

And Beca flanked by our solstice candles.

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