Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day 2005

Woke up at 4:45, nursed Ori for about an hour, fell back to sleep till Beca tiptoed in, around 6:30 I think. She was quite gentle and sweet, not trying to wake anyone. Eventually I told her she could turn on the tube and watch A Christmas Story (which was on for 24 hrs. straight LOL) which she happily did. Ori woke around 7 and we nursed and laid around waiting for Daddy to wake up. He roused around 8am, took a quick shower and then we all went downstairs to look for stockings (and change diapers). Beca found Ori's first, in record time. Mom and Beca found theirs at almost the same time, after about 15 minutes of searching. Daddy took a LOT longer - must've been naughty this year!!! We enjoyed going through and digging out the goodies Santa left for us. Daddy got a beetle tie-tac, Godiva chocolates, sweets, the BIG Lee Valley catalog, and loads of other little things. Mama got some wonderful little gifts, including a powder incense burner w/nag champa incense, wool socks, hot chocolate, and mulling spices. Beca hit the mother load, literally ha ha, and found a knock-knock joke book, a maze book, a find and seek book, a new Molly book for her collection, sweeties, a flashlight (actually we each got a mini mag light), a pretty heart pendant necklace, a wooden 3-level tic-tac-toe game, and more! Ori got little racers and bath toys and a new bib and wool socks and oh ... it was fun to see the children so enthralled with everything. Here's Ori actually motivated enough to go AFTER one of his new toys:

Jerry took the kids into the hot tub just before afternoon nap, which was so nice for them all. I got some straightening up and vacuuming done. We all chilled out for the afternoon, played games and finally motivated out to get chinese food for dessert. Now we're all exhausted from a long day of doing... not much :lol and we're off to bed. Tomorrow we start the Chanukah celebreation with a feast and the menorah and singing the prayers. Looking forward to a good night of sleep...I hope!

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