Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving at Mary and Bob Lees was a great success this year. We had a fine dinner with too much food, lots of fun company, and everyone was in their finest form. It was wonderful sharing the meal with our newest member, Orin Clarence, who ate with gusto and was very verbal, fitting right in with the crowd! Rebecca showed everyone some of her new dance moves, Sarane looked wonderful, healthy, and was full of prezzies for the babes. Again. I must admit, though, that she has toned it down to one each, which they both loved opening and enjoying. Well, ok, Beca loved opening both and enjoys them both HEHE HAHA! Beca loves going to Grandma and Poppy's and being in New York City. And Ori didn't punish his old Ma too much by not sleeping at all - one night he did sleep well, but the second night was pretty rough. No pictures of that, please! All in all a lovely evening and a great weekend!
Jerry carved the turkey. Ori enjoyed it!

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