Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hallowe'en 2005

Ori's first hallowe'en - he was baby Harry Potter. What a cutie!!! a

He loved going door to door, loved the leaves, loved the candy wrappers! Beca was Hermione and had a great time trick or treating with Natalie again this year. Jerry made an impressive Sumo dude, and I enjoyed being Minerva McGonagall. The weather was amazing, the colors fabulous, the neighbors warm and giving and it was overall a wonderful Hallowe'en this year. Orin REALLY loved playing with all the loot!

Jerry turned 54 on the 30th, and had a very nice dinner here with my parents in attendence. It was a nice gathering. He seems older...we are going to try some new approaches to keeping healthy and clean. I am going to get him an air cleaner for chrismakwanznakuh, to keep the air in the house cleaner from dust. Also a mattress cover that will keep out mites and stuff. I'm really wanting to get him onto some vitamins (just something to strengthen his immune system while we get the laundry/dish/air stuff worked on) but he is not very reliable about taking them. sigh. Well, hopefully he'll be feeling good when he gets back from Rochester, where he's planting some new trees and presenting awards to citizens who have really contributed a lot to the pest management world. It would be awesome to have him healthy for a while :-)

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