Saturday, February 09, 2008

You know you're south of the Mason Dixon Line when...

There are 6 kinds of pork bellies for sale in the vending machines.

Peaches are served with, well, everything!

People switch between their oxygen tanks and their cigarettes in the parking lots, well, everywhere!

You can get corn nuggets, but not potato nuggets.

All the young children have dark skinned babies as dollies.

We drove from Baltimore area to Washington DC today, checked out the monuments (and WOW is it ever hard to get a picture of the White House!), had a nice lunch on the Potomac, I think B really enjoyed it all, and it was nice for Orin to get out and run around (and around and around lol!). Then we bee-lined it from DC down to South Carolina, where yes, there are pork bellies and peaches just EVERYWHERE! It's really quite refreshing. There's a palm tree outside our hotel room, and we can really let go of our winter clothes. YAY!!!

Obama is winning a few states, which is fabulous...but not the big states, which is somewhat disappointing.

Ok, Beca's turn for the 'puter. It's started off a really fun vacation! :D

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