Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken ME. Getting up early has some benefits for me, like that by 7:30pm ds is so tired that he can't but fall asleep nicely. But for the most part, I am just not a morning person. I can't ever remember being a morning person, actually. I like sleeping in. I like the concept of sleeping in as much as I love the actual sleep part. There is something very luxurious about 'sleeping in', especially after years (and years!) of being awoken at godawful hours to nurse, rock, walk, soothe, and otherwise entertain little ones. So the extra sleep is really only a small piece of the 'sleeping in' luxury.

This morning, we slept in, Ori and I. It was well after 8am when we made our way downstairs, moved along the laundry and found goodies in the freezer for today (bread and stuff for a sausage and beef stew). We made scrambly eggs and toast together, which he barely ate any of, and then he proceeded to go into the play room and find scissors that his sister left out from her project making cards for her teachers and bus drivers. Then he cut the middle (very much all of the middle lol) of his knee hockey net. And two pieces of felt and several scraps of paper. He surely does like to make a mess! He did a fair job cleaning it up, too.

So having helped him clean up that room, he wanted to play his puter (first click leap pad). And he is actually DOING it. He's on level two of Nemo now. He sure seems to be more of a morning person than I am, at least as far as his productivity!

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