Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Decadently December

December is just around the corner now, Thanksgiving weekend come and gone. JAC and Dad suffered in the rain, but the kids LOVE that parade! Beca was especially pleased to see the big fat sponge bob balloon, while Ori seemed to just take it all in. Sweet!

The Corns are looking good, Saraine has gained some weight and looks very healthy. Bernie was really awesome with O, playing happily with him while the rest of us rolled our eyes. :D

Also finally got a decent picture of Beca in her gi - though I'd have liked something a little less DRAMATIC! They do a lot of these release type moves.

I passed out trying to put Ori to sleep (who did eventually capitulate, out of boredom, I think), so now I'm up at 1am. Mad face. Well, there isn't really a BETTER time to update blogs, is there?!

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