Tuesday, September 27, 2005

September days

End of September - we have had a lot of beautiful sunny early fall days in a row - such a relief after the crummy hot humid summer and non-existent spring. This is actually the first run of great weather we've had since we moved back to New York! Whew - just in time for school.

Beca started 2nd grade, and she seems to be doing well. Her attitude isn't too great, I think she'd rather homeschool, but then, she is a grass is always greener kind of gal. She continues to learn the social cues of her peers, and to bring her problems to me in a confident and seeking manner. I do love my snuggle bug girl. She's become very long, lean, and beautiful. Unfortunately, she once again took a scissor to her hair, so now she's long, lean, beautiful and short haired. We both went and got haircuts, and now we're SASSY

Orin is getting stronger and more HIMSELF every day. He is a cautious little fellow. He is spending a lot of time these days playing with toys while sitting up, which is far superior in terms of toy playing satisfaction to the prone playing mode he was in for a long while. He is cutting his two bottom teeth, and not too happy about it, but all in all a good sport. He takes Chamomilla quite happily, spitting out half, but it does calm him down well. Teething, too, has little effect on his appetite. He seems to prefer cold to hot while teething, but this could change in a flash LOL!

and one serious shot - 'cause this boy sure gives us a lot of these looks...

Jerry is working a lot on projects that need wrapping up, data filing, and attending a load of meetings for all the committees in which he is embroiled. This is only somewhat better than the writing grant proposals and collecting data phases which cause a lot of stress and take him out of town more often. He's giving lots of public talks, and getting a lot of recognition for his achievement w/in the government, even from APHIS, which was a real thorn in his side not too long ago. They seem to have come around to his side. Doesn't surprise me a bit :)

Beca and Jerry are getting ready to go to Vancouver for Geoff's memorial service.

Skooker and D'Arcy have put it together, so I'm sure it will be a wonderful event for all who attend. I am very sad not to be able to go, but Orin just does not travel well, and trying to get any sleep w/him there is a fearsome prospect for me. And a week w/out sleep is just NOT an option for me at this point. I gotta say, my patience is pretty low these days. I think poor Beca bears the brunt of it - I just do not have the patience to be tolerant of her learning curve - especially things we've been working on for 4+ years (like putting away things she took out to play with etc.).

So that's what September has looked like around here!

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